I just did one of the most heart-wrenching things I’ve had to do in my life. I dropped my oldest child off at the airport to head off to college; not just a state away, but half-way around the world.  We won’t see her for Thanksgiving or Christmas as so many other parents will see their college-bound children. Maybe we will see her when summer comes around. Why is it so hard to say, “goodbye?”

I’m happy for our little girl who has grown up to be a good and godly young lady. Her smile and the twinkle in her eye still capture her daddy’s heart as much now as they did when she was a little baby in my arms.  

I remember well, a conversation I had with the Lord the day she was born.  I recall speaking to God about this “new love” I was feeling in my heart that I had never known. I felt a little closer to God, understanding now – the heart of a father. Again, I feel that I’ve entered deeper into His fellowship, learning what it is like to be separated from someone you love while they go to do His will. 

Things in life are not permanent. Even our offspring must spring off to begin lives apart from mom and dad, just as we did many years before. I suppose letting go of anything is hard, but some things just have more of an attachment than others. Some hurt more when they are taken from your hand. 

Goodbyes are not easy, in fact, they keep becoming more difficult. Comfort is found in that this is not a goodbye to send her off to the unknown; she is in good hands – God’s hands.  We realize that the next joy we’ve not yet experienced would evade us if we did not first go through this sorrow. 

We now look forward to, with anticipation, what God will do with her life. I suppose that God, with anticipation, looks forward to what He knows He is making of our lives. Let us not disappoint Him.