Our Pastoral Staff

International Baptist Church has a pastoral staff that brings great experience to our church.  They are three missionary families who have various God-given abilities that help us to give to the church many helps.

Pastor Randy DeMoville and his wife, Kelly, have been married for 21 years and have nine children.  Two of their children have been born here, in Dumaguete.  Pastor DeMoville is a graduate of Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, Indiana where he also served on the faculty for 5 years.  He has served with the mission agency and on the staff of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, once pastored by Dr. Jack Hyles.

In addition to overseeing International Baptist Church and teaching our high-school Sunday school class, Pastor DeMoville serves as the president of Hyles-Anderson College of the Philippines, our local church Bible college which is training young men and women to serve God full time with their lives.

Brother Scott Christiansen brings a great number of years of Christian living and ministry service to International Baptist Church.  Brother Christiansen, also a graduate of Hyles-Anderson College, serves as Vice-President of Hyles-Anderson College of the Philippines where he is loved by our students and leads them in much of their weekly activity.

Brother Christiansen is also the adult Sunday school class teacher where he gets to give practical applications as he teaches the Bible each Sunday morning in our main auditorium.  You’ll enjoy getting to know him and his unique sense of humor.

Brother Stan Lawrenson and his wife, Kim, have 7 children, their youngest born here in Dumaguete.  Brother Lawrenson teaches our college-age men Sunday school class at International Baptist Church while Kim teaches the King’s Daughters class for our college-age ladies.  Kim is also our church pianist and helps with many of the music groups in our church.  Both Stan and Kim are graduates of Hyles-Anderson College.

Brother Lawrenson teaches in our Bible college and brings a wealth of know-how in getting things done.  He also heads up some of our soul-winning ministries of the church.