IBBI - International Baptist Bible Institute

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The next session of classes for International Baptist Bible Institute will begin on Tuesday, January 24, 2012, at International Baptist Church at Dumaguete, Philippines.

  • Courses will be offered in 10-week sessions meeting on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m..
  • Courses are FREE for members of International Baptist Church.
  • There is a P150 administration fee for non-members.
  • A certificate of completion will be given for those meeting all requirements for each class taken.
  • Certificates for completed courses may be converted to credits for classes when International Baptist Church at Dumaguete opens a Bible College at a future date (planned for 2012).
  • Registration for the fourth session classes ends Sunday, January 22, 2012.

Fourth Session Courses (January 24, 2012-March 29, 2012) to be offered are as follows:

The Second Man (10 hours) – Taught by Bro. Mark Longworth, Assistant Pastor at International Baptist Church, this course will teach the importance of service and how to be an effective second man to your pastor or other leader.  Learn the skills that allow you to help you to help your pastor achieve his God-given vision.

Ladies Attitude & Appearance (10 hours) – Taught by Mrs. Lacey MacRae, the wife of the Youth Pastor of International Baptist Church and our church music coordinator, this course offers lessons for ladies in how to have a Biblical perspective toward their attitude and perspective.  This is a class that will teach women and girls in practical terms how to have an attitude and appearance that is well pleasing to the Lord and helps the Body of Christ.

Cults (10 hours) – Taught by Bro. Jason MacRae, Youth Pastor at International Baptist Church, this course will basic information to help the believer know the differences that set us apart from the various cults that surround us.  Know the truth so that you’re not deceived by false teachers.

Great Bible Characters (10 hours) – Taught by Bro. Stan Lawrenson, Assistant Pastor at International Baptist Church, this course will give an overview of the life of various characters in the Bible to help the student have a better grasp of Bible history and geography as well as apply practical truths in their lives that can be gained from the lives of these men and women in Scripture.

Bible Fundamentals (10 hours) – Taught by Pastor Randy DeMoville of International Baptist Church, this course will help the believer to know why the Bible must be our final authority and then the basic Biblical truths that are fundamental for Christians to know and believe.  This course will help explain why we call ourselves “fundamentalists.”

IBBI Class Schedule:

2011-2012 Tuesday Evenings 7pm-9pm Thursday Evenings 7pm-9pm
May 31-August 4 (10 weeks) Christian Manhood (7pm-7:55pm) Christian Womanhood (7pm-7:55pm) The Gospel of Matthew (10 minute break)
Personal Evangelism 1 (8:05pm-9pm)
August 9-October 20 (10 weeks)No classes Sept. 20 & 22 due to IBC Missions Conference. Prayer (7pm-7:55pm) Christian Leadership (10 minute break)
Personal Evangelism 2 (8:05pm-9pm)
October 25-January 19 (Extended for Holidays) Christian Manhood II (7pm-7:55pm)  Women of the Bible (7pm-7:55pm) The Book of Proverbs (10 minute break)
 The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
January 24-March 29  The Second Man (7pm-7:55pm)  Ladies Attitude & Appearance (7pm-7:55pm) Great Bible Characters (7pm-7:55pm)
Cults (8:05-9pm) Bible Fundamentals (8:05pm-9pm)

Students are responsible to come to classes prepared to take notes in their own notebook.  Class requirements will be given out at the first session of each course.  Students must complete the class requirements before the conclusion of the last class of the 10-week session.