Mr. Stan Lawrenson

Mr. & Mrs. Stan Lawrenson

Raised in upstate New York in the small town of Honeoye, Stan Lawrenson regularly attended the local United Church of Christ. As a teenager he attended a Methodist Church with his father in Rochester and was confirmed. Immediately after Stan graduated from High School in 1988, he left his home to serve in the U.S. Navy. At the age of 20, while serving aboard the U.S.S. Midway in Yokosuka Japan he was asked about his salvation. Unsure about his eternal condition, Stan attentively listened as John Lucky, a fellow shipmate, clearly explained the gospel. Realizing his eternal condition with God had never been changed through bible teaching, baptism, or attending church, Stan gladly accepted Christ as his Saviour June 22, 1990.

Shortly after accepting Christ, God began to burden Stan’s heart for the numerous souls he saw as he travelled abroad. Spending another year in Japan and the foreign Pacific ports, he began to feel the personal burden to reach the lost. In November 1991, he arrived at his new duty station in Great Lakes, Illinois for a six month training school. During the first weekend there he learned of the First Baptist Church of Hammond. He began participating in the Sailor Ministry and soon became a soul winner. In June of 1992, he was transferred to the Little Creek Amphibious Base in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Once in Virginia, Stan immediately became a member of the young East Coast Baptist Church which had been started in January of the same year

Stan married Kimberly Dean the following April and they both stayed busy serving the Lord in many capacities over the next fourteen years. Kimberly served as the church pianist and music coordinator. They both were among the first graduates of the Virginia Baptist College. Stan served extensively, teaching Sunday School, preaching in junior church, the jail ministry, missions, nursing homes, running bus routes, and numerous other duties. However, the burden for the mission field never left him and in April 2006, God made it clear to move his family to Hammond, Indiana.

Upon their arrival in Indiana, Stan began to inquire about the Team Missions Program. He was encouraged to attend college to obtain a Pastor’s Refresher degree while taking courses to prepare for service with a missions team. Kimberly also attended classes and finished her course in Children’s Education. They both graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in September of 2008. After completing their deputation, the Lawrenson family joined the team of missionaries serving together at International Baptist Church in Dumaguete, Philippines, in June of 2011.