2012 Married Couples Banquet

On February, 17, 2012, International Baptist Church at Dumaguete married couples, enjoyed an evening of fabulous food and dessert, along with great music, great fun, and some words of encouragement from Pastor DeMoville concerning the strengthening of the marriages of our church.  Our theme was “My Beloved.”  Here are some photos both of the preparation and of the banquet.  Photos of the couples may be seen here.

The Winning Poem of the Evening

“Beauty & Bad Breath”

by Jason & Lacey MacRae

Flowers, cupcakes, rivers, and skies

Their beauty cannot compare to your eyes.

Skies are blue and roses are red

If I were offered the world, I’d take you instead.

One mango is yellow, and your eyes are blue

The Morrisseys have bad breath

So I’m glad I’m sitting by you.